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64,000,000 Can't be Wrong

Thanks for being a volunteer! You provide a valuable and important service, that extends the reach of the organization you work with.

It's one of SomeDo's goals to make volunteerism an option for more individuals, when they see friends, families or acquaintances like you registering with SomeDo, and showing your efforts on our volunteer map. Over time, we hope to see the map fill in, so that people can see the daily volunteer activities occurring right in their neighborhood. Seeing your involvement as a volunteer will also give your non-volunteer friends and family someone to talk to about getting involved with your specific organization.

Another goal of SomeDo is to help volunteers like you further help your community by allowing people to sponsor you in your good works. You select the charity or project of your choice, and as you volunteer, people you know, or people that come to the site and see what your doing, can help you raise money for the cause you care about. As a volunteer, we realize you'd be a volunteer, regardless of what recognition you might receive. By showing your volunteer work, we also enable a benefit for your favorite charity. We believe another benefit of sharing your volunteerism is that others you know may become more active as volunteers. As people see others volunteering, they may think to themselves, 'I should look into that'.

A third SomeDo goal is to allow you as a volunteer to earn SomeDo points that may translate into a discount at local businesses. We will be working over the coming months to increase awareness among local businesses about the SomeDo project, and the opportunity it gives them to support the volunteers in the community. A win for the volunteer, and the business!

Sign up today so that we can see the scoreboard reach a higher number each day!