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SomeDo Organizations

SomeDo Organizations are authorized to issue SomeDo points to individuals that volunteer at their organization. Hospitals, churches, schools and any other non-profit that benefits from volunteering, can become a SomeDo organization.

Becoming a SomeDo Organization

To sign up as a SomeDo organization, you'll need to have a website presence, as well as a person that can be reached at an email address that matches the URL of the website. If you don't have that, contact us at the email address on the contact page. We should be able to work out a way to verify your organization.

Managing Your Volunteers

'Managing' probably overstates the difficulty level here. We realize you don't have lots of time, and your day is full enough to begin with. When a volunteer signs up, he or she tells us where they volunteer. We will contact you for every volunteer that names your organization. You tell us how many hours this volunteer may volunteer per week.