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How a Business can participate

A business can participate in three ways:

Offering Discounts to SomeDo point holders

Over the coming months we will be developing programs where a business can offer a discount on their products and services to SomeDo point holders. The amount of the discount, and the number of points needed to qualify will differ, but the goal is the same. A business can align itself with the volunteer community by supporting volunteers in this unique way.

Supporting the Volunteers Charity

A business may choose to directly support a volunteer's charity. By making this support 'non-anonymously', the volunteer and his contacts will see that you've been supportive.

Sponsoring the SomeDo Site

It costs money to host a site like SomeDo. We may offset some of that cost by allowing small local advertisements on the site.

A win for the business and the community

We think supporting SomeDo will be a great way for a business to speak directly to influencers in the community, as well as let people know the business is community minded, and supportive of the volunteer community.